Bracelets are a form of jewelry worn by women and men. The bracelet can accent a look and can create many different feelings and moods, such as elegant and refined, happy, whimsical, strong and confident, a bit risqué or can be worn for medical, religious or supportive reasons.

Bracelets come in a variety of designs and are generally worn around the wrist. They come in different lengths 6-1/2”- 91/2” long, made of gold, silver, various other metals and can be accented with diamonds, pearls, crystals, stones and contrasting materials.


CHARM - 1/2"- 3/4” wide chain of interlocking loops for attaching symbols denoting special occasions and memories, medical and identity information or simply for color to accent your wardrobe.

LOOP - interlocking or joined single, double or triple loops.

BANGLE - single inflexible loop.

ANKLET - worn around the ankle.

BOOT - accessorizing boots.

CUFF - wide solid loop that is often smooth metal and can have decorative elements.

TENNIS - single strand of diamonds with gold, platinum and other metals.