Earrings can be fascinating pieces of jewelry that compliment and provide a finishing touch to create a desired Look. Earrings are worn by both women and men and by people from all over the world, many times exhibiting a connection with their culture and background.


Stud: gives the appearance of floating on the earlobe and attaches to the ear from front to back. A sophisticated look can happen when using gold, silver, pearls and gemstones.

Hoop: circular or semi-circular design entering earlobe from front to back, can be elegantly appointed with diamonds or crystals lining the interior and exterior of circle.

Drop: usually features gemstones, pearls and heirloom treasures that are attached by chains or loops.

Dangle: unique in its ability to be elegant to whimsical and varies in lengths from just below the earlobe to the shoulder and, can be made with all materials and shapes such as bone, crystals, diamonds and metals.

Barbell: most often made with metal bars with an orb on each end, one stationary and the other removable for connecting to the ear.

Huggy: is one of the most popular styles where the setting hugs the earlobe. Huggies come in many different materials and can be decorated with various stones and metals.