Necklaces are accent accessories that help create a specific look for the smartly dressed women and men of today. Choice of stones, metals, colors, textures and lengths of your necklaces are most important when making your purchases.

Knowing not only the emotional feeling that you want to project with your necklaces, it’s equally as important to know how and how often you will wear them. Do you want to create a smart/sophisticated look, a classic and elegant appearance, a slightly more sensual feeling or a whimsical bright easy-going charm.

Necklaces come in 7 basic lengths. It's wise before making your purchases to decide what lengths will be perfect for your face, neck, height and body type. Necklace lengths are most frequently referred to as: Collar 10-13 inches, Chocker 13-16 inches, Princess 17-19 inches, Matinee 20-24 inches, Opera 28-34 inches and Rope or Lariat 38-40 inches.

Collar: looks smashing with boat neck, V-neck or off the shoulder fashions.

Choker: the most frequently worn and can look sensational with almost all necklines and appropriate for most all occasions.

Princess: Princess, excellent with higher or plunging necklines; pearls, gemstones and most metals can be magnificent with this length.

Matinee: creates a sophisticated and refined look for business and casual occasions.

Opera: presents a graceful and classic look especially when worn with a higher neckline. It can also be doubled and used as a chocker or with a special and unique pendant.

Rope/Lariat: both radiate a classy and elegant look. The lariat ends are left unattached and can be worn around the waist or can be knotted. The rope can be broken down into multi-strands and used for different lengths.